We Fuel Dreams
& Inspire Success

We are a holdings company that thrives on possibilities and believes that the right combination of aptitude and attitude can reshape the future.

Our Journey
Begins with the
Power of Numbers

Each number has its own unique energy that combines to create the perfect formula for success. At 5840, we channel this energy to fuel the ambitions of the fearless minds we support. We break down barriers, forge strong partnerships, and foster innovation with the potential to change the world.

Joining the 5840 family means unlocking unprecedented opportunities and embarking on a remarkable adventure that transcends conventional success. We are here to support and inspire tomorrow’s leaders, igniting the passions of those who want to leave a lasting legacy.

Let’s get started!

Our Partners


A solid, scalable foundation is a must-have when building a market-leading business with top-notch products and services. 5840 Holdings has your back, not just with finances, but with deep expertise in HR, Accounting, and Payroll, to help your business soar. I can’t recommend the 5840 Holdings team enough—they’re the ones you can rely on as you grow your organization.”

- Mark Buser, President, Forge Co USA

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